A serious video about my insecurities…

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Alrighty, you guys. It’s time for an update regarding my insecurities and how I’ve gotten over a few of them (and new ones that I’ve acquired over the years haha). For this video, I’ll be talking about acne, how I felt about it when I was a teen/college student, and how I deal with rosacea now (which is a skin disease). I’ll also be talking about my journey regarding my body. I’ve gone from 100 pounds in high school to 130 pounds today, and I’ll be talking about my struggles with body image and also how I feel about my pectus. I’ll also talk about teeth and my face! So we are just gonna cover ALL of our bases haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chill/sit down video and I’ll see you guys next week. 🙂 Love you guys! Have a good weekend!

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