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So, it’s time for my annual sex toy Halloween video. For this year, I decided to do a fun take on “When A Stranger Calls” (it’s a horror movie, if you didn’t know). My sugar daddy dies, and due to fears of living in a box on the street, I take up a babysitting gig. Little do I know, that a crazed killer will soon terrorize me. The video also contains sex toys, feet pics, my boyfriend kissing me and then dying, a creepy doll, and much much more. I hope you guys enjoy this sex toy Halloween video and be safe this Halloween!

Produced by Brett Takeshita: @takebrett
Written by me, bitch.
Edited by me, bitch.
Starring me, bitch: @jmerridew
Laura Walsh (homophobic mother): @doublelwalsh
Sean Small (homophobic father): @smallworld7
Reid Schmidt (my boyfriend): @reidhschmidt

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