Quitting Youtube?

Hi, guys! Just wanted to upload this video explaining where I’ve been mentally, why I’ve been gone, and what I have planned for the future regarding Youtube. Youtube has been insane and crazy and a blessing in my life for so long. I needed to step away for awhile and just exist off of the internet (although, because of the pandemic, I couldn’t really “exist” because of lockdown). But I needed a break. Hope y’all understand and I love you guys.

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*Just a heads upppp. Onlyfans is definitely more intense than Youtube regarding provocative content. But there is no full frontal nudity. New videos posted every week (underwear try-ons, role-plays, “how to take an ass photo*, etc.) I respond to 100% of DMs (there is a delay in responses, since I put a lot of thought into responses).

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